シンガポールの日系ヘアサロン「AVENTA Hair Salon」で働いてみませんか。











対象 美容師免許保持者 / スタイリスト歴5年以上 / 2年以上勤務可能な方


仕事内容 ヘアスタイリスト / サロン運営に関わる業務全般
雇用体系 正社員
給与 基本給+歩合給  / 特別ボーナス有
待遇 EPビザ申請サポート / 健康保険 /社宅手当 / 住居等生活全般のサポート / 独立支援サポート有/休暇ローテーション月6日間+有給休暇あり
勤務時間 平日10:00~20:00 / 日曜.祭日 10:00~19:00


Calling out to all local stylists!

Are you interested in working at a Japanese hair salon?

Bump Hair Salon is a Japanese hair salon based in Singapore. As the industry grows, we are  looking for new partners to join us in our journey in providing satisfaction to the growing customer demand.

We are currently a full team of Japanese stylists, with support from our local receptionists who assist in translating and interpreting. With 60% of our customers being Japanese, we are looking for people who:

○Are interested in working in a Japanese environment

○Are keen to learn the Japanese language (not required to know beforehand)

○Are interested in learning Japanese hairstyles, trends and preferences

○Are interested in learning Japanese styling techniques from our stylists

○Want to gain experience in a Japanese business setting to work in Japan in future

○Self-motivated individuals

○Want to challenge themselves

If any of the above have piqued your interests, would you like to join us in our journey?

Requirements 3 years of working experience in the industry
Scope Stylist duties / assistant duties / operational activities
Job title Full-time Stylist / Assistant Stylist
Compensation Base salary / commission / bonus
Benefits Rotation off days (6 days per month) / annual leave / medical leave
Working hours Weekdays: 10:00 ~ 20:00

Weekends: 10:00 ~ 19:00

If interested, feel free to contact us via email here.